About M&R Digger Hire London

M&R Digger Hire was founded by two builders that realised there was a gap in the market for a specialist digger supply company. After many years of suffering the pain and aggrevation of constantly not being able to find an available digger when needed, they decided to not only move into the supply of these machines, but to be the best at it.

M&R Digger Hire London went to work on creating a brand that provided all modern and warantied diggers with exceptional customer back up sercvice, which also put the emphasis on being diligent with their timing. Knowing the struggles of being in the building trade they realised that any kind of machinery not being on site at the arranged time was costing them time, which inevitably took money from their pockets. Try our amazing modern diggers and experience the customer service that only M&R Digger Hire London can provide today.

M&R Digger Hire London