Reliable Mini Digger Hire In Northwood

M&R Digger Hire offer mini digger hire services in Northwood and nearby areas. We have a great range of mini diggers and mini excavators for smaller projects and landscaping where access is limited. Hiring a Mini Digger from us is a very economic, practical solution.

The mini digger features a compact design that makes it easy to operate and move around small spaces, making it extremely useful in small spaces. Those of you with access issues will be delighted to know that our mini diggers fit through openings as small as 700 millimeters, which are great for clients who have access issues. 

Discounts For Multiple Day Digger Hire

We have a standard daily charge, but when hiring out our diggers we do offer substancial disounts for clients that require our diggers for a week and over. M&R digger hire are known within the industry for offring some of the best quotes for quality digger rental.

One Hour Delivery Window, It’s Free For The Day

We understand that a functioning building site needs to operate as a well oiled machine, time is everything when our clients work on price. We offer 1 hour time slots for delivery, if we do not reach that then the digger is free for that day. 


Modern Diggers With Service Backup

We keep our diggers in top shape and generally renew them when their warranty expires, machines that are kept on for a longer period have no expense spared on servicing. In the rare event of a breakdown we aim to have an engineer on site within one working day to repair or organise a raplacement.


Why Choose Our Affordable Mini Digger Rentals Throughout Northwood

Our mini diggers are ideal for jobs such as navigating, footings, drainage, car parks, roadways, equestrians / horse rings, general patios, landscapes, water mains, gas mains and electric mains dug out, driveways, patios, shuttering, car parks created, soakaways, land drains, ponds, swimming pools, concrete bases, garden jungle / general clearance, tree root removal, driveways and walls.


Time Is Everything When Needing Mini Digger Hire In Northwood

M&R Digger Hire are devoted to making sure that your mini digger is delivered on time for you to carry out your work, having previously worked in the building trade we realise the importance of timeliness. We offer a money back guarantee for the day of delivery, if your mini digger does not arrive on time, and therefore prohibiting you from carrying out your work in a timely manner.


Long Term Service Discounts For Northwood Mini Digger Hire

Some of our commercial and domestic clients on occasion have need for digger hire on a long term basis, if you are one of those clients it may be worth contacting our sales department to enquire as to what discounts we are currently offering.

What Diggers We Provide In Northwood

M&R Digger Hire Northwood has a comprehensive and growing list of diggers to choose from in Northwood. Our digger choices range anywhere from Micro Diggers to Skid Steer.


Skid Steer

Bobcat manufactured the world's first skid steer loader, and the company has built a reputation of quality, performance, and reliability over the last 60 years. Attached with Bobcat attachments, each Bobcat skid-steer model becomes a powerful tool on site. The first time you step into the cab, you'll notice how greatly improved this machine is. This tool is designed to raise the bar in every way, delivering better productivity where it counts.


Micro Diggers

Micro diggers are great for gaining access to difficult to access work sites when hand labor is the only other option. You can work in tighter conditions and navigate narrower passageways. Zero Tail Swing provides a greater flexibility both for slewing and depositing spoil, and is the most protected against any obstacles you may encounter out on site.


Mini Diggers

A compact mini excavator delivers the power you need for a small machine when you need it. For superior comfort and the highest levels of precision in the industry, every machine we provide for our clients offers you more control over the work you are carrying out. With this compact machine you are able to take your productivity to the next level.


Who Manufactures The Mini diggers We Hire Out In Northwood  

We are a provider of bobcat, jcb, caterpillar, hitachi and kubota diggers, and our fleet of diggers are all 2021 onwards. 

Digger Bucket Attachments

Diggers are hired out to many different Northwood working environments including for landscaping, driveways, houses and commercial properties. We stock a full complement of accessories for our diggers to enable our clients to be able to cater for all eventualities which they may face in each task they may find themselves working.

We supply digging buckets ranging from 12” to 24” for excavating, a 39” digging bucket for grading and a 18’ clay bucket for digging in clay areas where really sticky, this will prevent clay sticking to it.

Tilt buckets

 Bobcat HB380 Breaker

 12” Digging Bucket

 24” Digging Bucket

 39” Grading Bucket

 18” Clay Bucket

 Quick Hitch Buckets

How Should I Proceed If My Mini Digger Breaks Down?

Our mini diggers are 2021 so they are far less likely to have any issues, that being said on occasion there can be faults. When this does occur we have manufacturer buck up services that will attend your site to either attempt repair, failing that it is our aim to have a replacement mini digger with you within a working day

More Information About Northwood

Northwood is an area in northwest London, England. It is located within the London Borough of Hillingdon on the border with Hertfordshire and 14.5 miles from Charing Cross. Northwood was part of the ancient parish of Ruislip, Middlesex and has formed part of Greater London since 1965.

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