Locations We Serve

M&R Digger Hire London is a London-based excavator rental service covering all major towns in and around the city. We specialise in all types of diggers, including micro diggers, mini diggers, and skid steerers. Our range begins with 0.8 tonne diggers and progresses to 3 tonne capacity diggers.

M&R Digger Hire London is committed to providing exceptional customer service and keeping our rates competitive. See below for a full list of the locations that we service.

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Locations Where We Hire Mini Diggers In London

If you are wondering where we supply mini diggers in London here are some of the areas of which we receive most of our demand. You can also scroll down and see a comprehensive list of the locations we supply mini diggers to.


Popular Locations We Hire Micro Diggers To In London

Here are some of the areas that we provide micro diggers to in Greater London, for a full list of locations that we deliver micro diggers to scroll down to the bottom and click the locations tab. You can also see from here the different variations of diggers we supply to our clients.  


Reliable Skid Steer Hire

Here are some of the places in Greater London where we deliver skid steer loaders; scroll down to the bottom and press the locations tab for a complete list of locations where we deliver skid steers. You can also see the various types of diggers we provide to our customers from this page.

M&R Digger Hire London